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Using a synergistic strategy of cutting-edge micro-reaction technology and advanced organic synthesis, which obtains reaction information from a single droplet of reaction mixture, we propose optimal flow synthesis methods. MiChS manufactures its original flow reaction devices based on the strong belief that all chemical reactions can be flow-customized. Our high technological capabilities ensure the rapid development of flow synthesis and manufacturing methods that are compact, fast, safe, and little footprint.

We are actively engaged in collaborative research and consulting services using advanced flow reaction technology.

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Functional molecules and compounds bring immeasurable value to human life. Today, more incredible intellectual innovation than ever is required to manufacture chemicals in a green mode. To create products that produce as little waste as possible, to produce products safely using less energy, and to ensure the sustainability of society, we must also consider the reuse of valuable resources. From our small laboratory at MiChS, we continue our intellectual adventures and challenges toward a better human future.


Flow devices manufactured using MiChS technology.

High Performance Micromixers

Photo Flow Reactor L-1

Photo Flow Reactor for Biphasic Reactions LX-1

High-Power Light Source, UV-LED-S

Packed Column Reactor and Holder

Photo Flow System T-1X

Precise Flow Controller for Pressurized Gass GFC-1



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