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To contribute to a sustainable society, modern chemical manufacturing requires speed, environmental harmony, low energy consumption, and safety. To this end, it is necessary to shift from conventional batch-type reaction devices to flow-type reaction devices, which have excellent reaction efficiency. Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) has been a pioneer in organic synthesis using microreactors since 2000. In 2007, a group of flow chemistry researchers and microfabrication experts established a spin-off company, MiChS, to share the results of their research widely. The history of MiChS began with the development of the β-type micromixer (patented), which achieved high mixing performance with low pressure drop through advanced microfabrication technology and unique design. An integrated mass flow controller system, GFC-1, is available for gas-liquid flow reactions under pressure. A unique two-layer photo flow reactor, L-1, which enables channel maintenance, is provided. This was followed by the development of the advanced photo flow reactor for gas-liquid reactions. We are proud to have developed the LX-1 photoflow reactor and a high-power LED light source that is optimized for use. More recently, we have succeeded in developing a droplet generation/reaction device that can be used for ultra-small organic synthesis. Since 2016, MiChS has been expanding its research and development system for compact chemical manufacturing, focusing on the design and development of flow chemical plants. In 2023, we have opened a brand new MiChS Smart Chemistry Laboratory at the Amagasaki Research Incubation Center. In the new laboratory, full-scale flow production is verified using pilot flow plants, aiming at safe and low-cost chemical production. We are always striving to develop innovative smart reaction technologies and laboratory automation. MiChS takes on the challenge of problem solving and creation through balanced "innovative synthetic reactions" and "innovative reaction technologies." We are looking forward to working with you for a better future.


Batch to Compact Flow

In the chemical production of this century, both waste and energy consumption should be reduced, and intelligent ways to utilize renewable resources are highly desirable. In particular, innovation in chemical reactions and the development of new technologies for material production are the two driving wheels for making our society sustainable. AI and automation technology will surely accelerate this trend. Just as compact flow reactors will eventually revolutionize chemical manufacturing methods, we believe that our intellectual adventures from our compact laboratory will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

From a high-performance micromixer to a highly sophisticated photo flow reactor

Creative flow chemical plant development project

Our Strengths

Supporting the conversion of batch
manufacturing processes to
compact flow processes.

Designing and fabricating
flow manufacturing plants

monitoring systems using
IN LINE analysis

Test production with pilot plants for
continuous flow

MiChS offers solutions by "advanced flow synthesis".

Company Profile

MiChS Co., Ltd.
Head Office

4-3-1, Kamio-cho, Yao city, Osaka, 581-0851, Japan
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Date of establishment
April 2, 2007
10,020,000 yen
Masaaki Sato
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of flow reactor related equipments
  • Design and development of flow chemical plants
  • Consulting services related to flow chemical manufacturing

Smart Chemistry Lab

#603(ARIC), 7-1-3, Doi-cho, Amagasaki city, Hyogo, 660-0083, Japan
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  • About 15 minutes (5 km) by taxi from JR Amagasaki Station
  • 8 minutes walk from Deyashiki Station on the Hanshin Railway
  • 8 minutes walk from Amagasaki Center Pool Mae Station on the Hanshin Railway