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Flow Reactor System S-1

Flow Reactor System for Condition Search S-1

A major problem with flow synthesis research is that it takes time to set up each reaction condition when optimizing reaction conditions.
Therefore, MiChS conceived of a flow reactor system for searching for the optimum reaction conditions that can find the optimum conditions in a short time based on the opinions of the research sites of pharmaceuticals and chemistry, and has developed the reactor X-1 for searching 20 conditions so far The we.

The "flow reactor system for optimum reaction conditions search" contributes to speeding up development and trial production of new synthetic products.
The optimum conditions can be obtained in a short period of time, and it is possible to synthesize a sufficient amount of samples by continuously operating using the obtained optimum conditions.

On the other hand, in flow chemistry research, it is extremely important to carry out condition search with minimum consumption of precious samples.
A new compact and affordable flow system that can easily perform condition search, ""S-1"" was newly developed.
In basic specifications, three conditions are set by switching valves.This system S-1 can be used in combination with an inexpensive external heat source.

Flow Reactor System S-1