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High Performance Micromixers

High Performance Micromixers α and β

Micromixers β

Our highly efficient β mixer, launched in 2006 and already patented, composes of two pieces, which are easy to maintain.

Our β mixers are flexible in their channel sizes. Users can order β 150, β 100, and β 70, in which the number means size of the diameter by micrometers.
For example, β 70 mixer has channel size of 70 micrometers.

Users can choose stainless-steel made or hastelloy-made, depending on their demands.

Mixing principle of β-type mixer

Mixing principle of β-type mixer

α type micro mixer (Type α) 3 pieces set

α type micro mixer

Versatile T-shaped mixer. The same design of the T-shaped mixer makes it possible to investigate the effect of channel sizes on the reaction perfomance.