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Mass Flow Controller for Gaseous Reagents

Reactions using gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine are widely used in organic synthesis.When the reaction using pressurized gas is carried out in a flow system, it is important to control the flow rate. We developed and packaged a pressurized flow control device, GFC-1, required for gas-liquid reaction by microreactor.It is possible to customize the GFC-1 depending on the gas type and flow rate range according to the customer's specifications.

Flow reactions at high pressure with the use of the gas-phase reactor GFC-1

Using GFC-1, the Pd-catalyzed carbonylation reaction and radical carbonylation reaction can be carried out efficiently. Also, the catalytic hydrogenation reaction can be successfully carried out.

Mass Flow Controller for Gaseous Reagents GFC-1


GAS Booster GB-1

GB-1 achieves maximum compression ratio in spite of being ultra compact size.(Suction pressure 0.6 MPa, 30 MPa discharge pressure)
GB-1 is a multi-booster that can handle a wide range of gases at medium to ultra high pressures.
GB-1 is an oil-free gas booster that does not use lubricating oil, so it is ideal for ultra-high pressure compression of various gases.

GAS Booster


  • ◇Small size, space saving
  • ◇Energy efficiency
  • ◇Oil free and can compress various gases
  • ◇Easy replacement of piston ring and minimum maintenance cost
  • ◇A cooler is installed at all stages of the gas outlet. Reduce the heat generated by compression
  • ◇High Pressure Gas Safety Act Compliant Products