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New proposal of MiChS System T-1 (Patent Approved in JAPAN)

Photo Flow System T-1 System T-1 represents an inexpensive model for flow-type photoreactions consisting of five compact light sources and a compact glass flow reactor T-1.

Photo Flow System T-1 has the following features.
  • Familiar design made of Pyrex glass. It is a new product with a patent application.
  • A millimeter-sized flow path that can be used not only for reaction but also for raw material synthesis was adopted.
  • You can choose the size from 6 mL and 12 mL depending on the purpose.
  • Inexpensive but equipped with a cooling unit which allows for and temperature control.
  • Equipped with fluorescent lamps a light source with five types of wavelength and a drive power supply.
  • A reflection cover is included to enhance the light irradiation efficiency.

Example of flow photo-bromination of toluene by T-1

Photo Flow System T-1

MiChS System K-1 for thermal flow reactions

System K-1 contains tubing and two syringe pumps, four micro mixers, and a residence time unit (RTU-380).
The K-1 residence time unit is stable for reactions on commercial hot plates.

MiChS System K-1

MiChS System K-L-1 for photo flow reactions

System K-L-1 contains photo flow reactor L-1s with the high performance mixer (β 150), two syringe pumps, back pressure valve, and tubings.

Basic set

Light flow reactor L-1s
β-type mixer (β 150)
Syringe pump x 2
Hamilton syringe (10 ml) x 2
Back pressure valve
Connection parts
Connection parts *jack and flask not included.