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Photo Flow Reactor L-1, L-1q (new product)

MiChS has succeeded in developing the all-quartz photoreactor L-1q, including channel processing. As with L-1 made of pyrex glass, it can be mounted on a stainless steel frame for safety.

Photo Flow Reactor L-1q

If you like large-capacity, full-scale photo flow reactor incorporating quartz glass, you are advised to choose L-1(l)q supports heating conditions.

L-1 has three size (s, m, l) depending on your demands.

The photo shows the medium capacity type L-1m and the small capacity type L-1s. In addition to stainless steel, Hastelloy flow channels can also be selected. In addition, it corresponds to the customization of the channel according to the light reaction.

Photo Flow Reactor L-1s
the small capacity type : L-1s

New Product for Photo Flow Reaction:LX-1

We have developed a new flow reactor LX-1 (patent pending) that enables gas-liquid two-phase reaction under photo irradiation.
High-power LEDs are provided for LX-1. LX-1 is compatible with numbering-up, making it a specification for flow production. The wetted part is made of all-quartz and has consideration for corrosion resistance, enabling the use of corrosive gas, such as HCl and Cl2.

Flow Reactor System LX-1

Flow Reactor System LX-1